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In a world with over 7 billion people, there are many family names, some with almost a million. But the family name Meskin, is not among those.

Worldwide there are probably less than 600 people with this last name and under 350 in the USA.  Why would we be in the USA as opposed to being equally spread out across the globe... Because we appreciate Freedom more than most.

And somehow through the ages embedded deep within our genetic structure, the stirring of purpose and reason and advancement are a part of our very being.

Our percentage in the world's population is very low, about 0.0000001% (One Ten-Millionth of one percent). So how do we compare to the rest of all the names on the planet?  We hope these pages will inform you.

And now we bring you our Family...

Meskin Name Meaning and History

  1. Jewish (from Belarus and Lithuania): metronymic from the Yiddish female personal name Meske, a pet form of Hebrew Miryam (see Mirkin).
  2. Muslim: from Arabic meskin ‘poor’, ‘humble’.
  3. Texas: Meskin, Slang for one of Mexican,heritage.




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